Friday, 25 September 2015

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I need a Ludo...

Rocks... friends!

Ludo is here!

These are the first pics of the 3-up Ludo for our upcoming Labyrinth board game.
Ludo has been sculpted by Johnny Frazer-Allen, who we are glad to say will be working on all the figures for the game.
As for the game itself, the base game is written and will soon be sent out to an elite team of playtesters for feedback.  Alessio has already played the game at his local gaming club and it went down really well, even with someone who hadn't seen the film (but will now be ordering the dvd!).
We'll be sharing a little more about the gameplay and other exciting bits over on the Labyrinth Boardgame Facebook Page.
Lets take a minute to remember the man who brought all this to life, Jim Henson, (born on Sept 24th 1936) by celebrating the 60th anniversary of the company and worlds he created. 

Terminator markers now available!

The new Terminator Genisys initiative/allegiance markers are now up in our online shop!
These highly detailed resin models can be used in games of Terminator Genisys the Miniatures Game (FB page here) as turn markers, tactical edge tokens or an allegiance reminder in games with mixed forces. Or simply a chance of showing off your painting skills! Figures are aprox 65-70mm.

Get them Here

Waterloo samples

We have the first pictures through of the box and some of the other components, it's looking pretty cool and we are all very excited about how the game is shaping up.

Let us know what you think on the game Facebook page here.
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