Sunday, 27 September 2015

Sunday Round-up

I'm going to start doing these every week again and not just because it's easier than coming up with some actual content of a Sunday...fortunately I now have a motivational department to help with such issues...

I was hoping to have the Malifaux unboxings for the Crossroads Seven, Hamelin, Colette and the Dark Carnival done for this week but circumstances conspired to make it only possible to get one done and complete and that one was the Crossroads Seven which has now been added to the Unboxing Malifaux tab. The issues with the other kits were mainly a matter of time though there were a few minor issues which slowed everything down as well.

Fortunately I've had a bit of spare time this weekend so have managed to get a bit of assembly done...

...and though a minor miscalculation with bases I thought I had...and didn't when I checked will still delay the Colette unboxing I have got the groundwork done on both the Hooded and Dead Riders, Ryle, Shadow Effigy and the Lamps recently released for prettying up bases and scenery. The Dead Rider one should be completed for Monday afternoon (UK time) and the others will pop up over the subsequent week and a half. Hopefully by then my bases will have arrived and Colette will make an appearance...I like to think of her as being fashionably late...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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  1. Can't judge you, mate, I haven't done any podcasting or cleaned up those Oldhammer Orks or anything. I did paint an IKRPG character though. Well, half paint. As good as dip.


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