Friday, 25 September 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

For those of you who missed it the first time around Mantic Games's 'Kings of war' will be back in stock soon...

Kings of War Back In Stock Next Week
First up, good news! The Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook is due back in stock on Tuesday next week.
The Kings of War rulebook is rich in background and art, and includes all of the rules and force lists you need to play. Following the news that major fantasy tournaments across America are taking up Kings of War as their game of choice, demand for the rulebook is at an all-time high.

Please reserve your copy here if you don’t want to miss out!
What's in the, er, Book
Catch up with the Mantic Insider as he delves inside the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook and the Kings of War Gamer's Edition.
Warpath: Ghosts of the Past

"From the edge of the clearing in which the cyphers had deployed came a harsh, guttural roar, a sound that instantly put the cyphers on edge. This would be the first battle against the Scourge for many of them. Then they appeared, a rampaging, rolling host of horrors, running from between the trees, brandishing projectile and melee weapons, and screaming their hate at the Asterian troops as they came.

“Calm yourselves,” Tui Hu said, “We will hold this point as long as we must.” There was no way of knowing how long it would take the other dropships to arrive and deliver the full strength of the clade and the other cyphers did not answer with words but with action, moving into a combat formation immediately and opening fire.

Noh fields flared into life as their rifles sent pulses of energy into the advancing horde. Where the Noh energy hit flesh it vaporised their enemies, separating heads and limbs from bodies, leaving gaping holes in the torsos and cleansing this world of the taint the Scourge had put upon it."

The Ghosts of the Path is an exciting new Warpath short story, published free on our website for you to read at your leisure. Discover more about Warpath, read all six chapters and the epilogue right here.
Plague Outbreak In Warpath
Our current stretch goal is hard plastic 3rd Gen Troopers, which form the core infantry of the fourth faction in the Warpath Kickstarter: The Plague! 

Could we get a fifth or maybe a sixth faction before the campaign closes?

With your help, anything is possible -please support the Warpath Kickstarter here!
New Warpath Vehicles Swoop In
One week into the Warpath Kickstarterand we have three variants of Enforcer Flyer and two variants of Forge Father Tank funded.

All of these vehicles are available singularly or in great-value-for-money vehicle-only Battlegroups that you can choose as part of the core Advanced Warfare pledge.

If you want affordable sci-fi vehicles for your sci-fi army, check out the Warpath Kickstarter here.
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