Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wyrd Games 'Monday' Preview

Yes it's Wednesday...I've been busy, lol.

Wyrd's Monday Preview for this week is from the upcoming Through the Breach expansion book Under Quarantine. Under Quarantine focuses on the Resurrectionist Faction, including its proponents and common haunts. This preview is a few pages from the Ghoul Pursuit.
The Ghoul is on a special diet (often referred to as cannibalism) that gives him abilities beyond that of the average person... assuming he's recently fed.

While the Ghoul is a gruesome Pursuit (and one your Fated may have to practice behind closed doors), it is nevertheless one who's delectable treats might appeal to a select few Fated.
Click on the image above to download the Pursuit. You can discuss this Pursuit on our forum.

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