Saturday, 5 September 2015

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Take mutant hybrid man-beasts to the battlefield with the Herd Kings of War playtest force list - now available for you to download for free!
The Orcs Go To War!
Orcs live for war in a quite literal sense, having been bred for that very purpose by the machinations of an evil god. Over the centuries, they have developed neither culture nor civilisation, busy as they are locked in eternal battle with anything in reach, including each other.
New Army and Mega Army Sets allow you to start or add to your Orc collection affordably, and you can now purchase whole regiments of chariots and fight wagons to strengthen your force. For the first time there are miniatures for the Orc War Drum and the Orc Skulks – superb additions for your 2nd Edition Kings of War armies.

These miniatures are now available to pre-order from your friendly local gaming store and the Mantic webstore – they will begin shipping at the end of September.


The Clash of Kings Open Final has now hit over 30 participants, surely making it the most well-attended Kings of War Tournament ever! If you want to play in the first Mantic tournament to use the 2nd Edition rules, you can get your ticket here.

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