Sunday, 1 April 2018

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Hopefully this version has some balance...'failed alpha-strike equals death' got boring quickly...
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Pray They Don't Take You Alive...
With Codex: Drukhari, you'll be able to customise your army more than ever before, with vastly expanded faction rules, new Stratagems, a host of improved units and more besides!
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Start Collecting!
Raid Realspace on a Budget
Kick off your collection (or add to an existing one) with this set - designed to give you everything you need for a Patrol Detachment at a lower cost than getting everything inside separately.
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Plot like an Archon
Managing your master plan is simple with these cards - always choose the right Stratagem for the right situation, and never forget a Power From Pain bonus again! 
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There's Nowhere
to Hide...
Could Mandrakes be any cooler? Turns out yes - they could! We've made these guys more powerful than ever with an additional -1 AP in close combat and a points reduction to boot. 
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More Firepower for Your Points
With a significant points reduction and greatly improved weapons, Scourges are the ideal anti-tank choice for any Drukhari army in the new codex.
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As if they weren't Scary Enough!
Bad news for your foes - with better weapons and bonuses to all Haemonculus Coven units, the Engines of Pain are even deadlier.

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Eldar Collection
The Eldar Collection
Collecting decades of previously unpublished design notes and sketches from legendary designer Jes Goodwin, this book is a treasure trove, featuring insights into the Aeldari and how Citadel miniatures are made. 
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White Dwarf
Your Essential Monthly
Hobby Update
Packed with painting guides, news, previews, Battle Reports and more - and all for less than a few pots of paint! Pick up your copy of April's White Dwarf here:

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Malign Portents
Dread Solstice
The End of the Dread Solstice
The results are in - join as we look at the heroic deeds (and utter havoc) you wrought, and what it may mean for the future...
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Malign Portents
Malign Portents: This Week's Stories
Catch up with the story of Malign Portents so far in this week's free tales, available now to read online now:
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