Sunday, 1 April 2018

Raging Heroes - Newsletter

More from Raging Heroes...
There's a launch sale going on!
We had a mishap during our launch and the best deals did not appear in the shop initially, including deals on the Troops and the Command Group! Check them out now!
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Up to 29% OFF all


(formerly known as our Sisters Regular Troopers)

Exemplar Pack Save now 25% 
instead of 15%

10 Exemplar Sisters - Command + Troops

Sacred Warriors Pack Save now 28% 
instead of 19%

10 Exemplar Sisters + Sister Erzebel

Sacred Warriors EXTENDED Pack Save now 29%
instead of 21%

20 Exemplar Sisters + Sister Erzebel
Enter the Battle now!

Our mailing address is:
MFBG Productions SARL
8 rue Lemercier
Paris 75017

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