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Scale75 News JULY 2018


1/12 scale bust

1:12 scale resin bust. Captain Amelia Steam, Naughty gears series

SNG-008 Captain Amelia Steam

The aviation pioneer Amelia Steam is ready to fly with her steam powered jetpack! Get her before she takes off! 1/12 scale bust in high quality resin.

¡La pionera de la aviación Amelia Steam está lista para volar con su mochila jet a vapor! ¡Consíguela antes de que despegue! Busto en escala 1/12 en resina de alta calidad.
EUR 33,06*
*Price VAT not included

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1/35 scale

1:35 scale figure. Lance Corporal. Warfront series

SW35-030 Lance Corporal

British soldier wearing the typical uniform used by the English army and other allies as well as all armies of the Commonwealth. It can be located at almost any WW2 campaign.

Soldado británico vistiendo el típico uniforme usado por el ejército inglés y otros aliados así como todos los ejércitos de la Commonwealth. Podemos ubicarlo en casi cualquier campaña de la SGM.
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included

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Acrylic paints for AFV & uniforms - Matt finish - 17ml

New paint set for British & Commonwealth armies. 4 acrylic colors. Matt finish. Warfront series

SSE-050 British & Commonwealth armies

4 colors set to paint the traditional English uniform of WW2. The set includes a step-by-step guide on how to paint a "Tommy".

Set de 4 colores para pintar el clásico uniforme inglés de la SGM. El set incluye una guía paso a paso de la pintura de un "Tommy”.
  • Content / Contenido:
  • SW00 Dunkelgelb Yellow
  • SW12 Camo Ocher Brown
  • SW34 Pale Earth
  • SW51 US Dark Brown
  • Step by step guide
EUR 10,33*
*Price VAT not included

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1/48 & 1/72 scales

1:48 US tankers. x2 figures. Warfront series
EUR 12,40*
*Price VAT not included
1:48 US tankers. x2 figures. Warfront series
EUR 7,44*
*Price VAT not included

SW48-005 & SW72-005 US tankers

Combat crewmen of the US Army, wearing the well-known "tanker jacket". According to their attire can be used from North Africa in 1942 to 1945.

Tripulantes de carro de combate del US Army, vistiendo la muy conocida “tanker jacket”. Por su atuendo se pueden usar desde el norte de África en 1942 hasta 1945.

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