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Warlord Games end of week feature round-up...
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G'day, Warlorder Pete Hely taking over here! We're releasing a bunch of smashing new Australians today! We've got a bunch of new artillery, Scout platoon, medic team, FOO team and the Kachin Natives!

Check out my Australian Army article as well!
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Bolt Action Australians!

New Bolt Action Australians 40mm Bofors AA Gun
Australian 40mm Bofors AA gun (Pacific):
One of the most popular and recognisable anti-aircraft guns of WWII, the Bofors was used by many Allied and Axis forces.
New Bolt Action Australians 2pdr Anti-tank gun
Australian 2-pdr Light Anti-tank Gun (Pacific):
Most anti-tank men were reassigned under the Jungle Division restructure. Those few that remained formed ‘Tank Attack’ units and were equipped with both 2pdr and 6pdr anti-tank guns supplied from Britain.
New Bolt Action Australians 6pdr Anti-tank gun
Australian 6-pdr anti-tank gun (Pacific):
The QF 6-pdr was the highly successful replacement for the 2-pdr, its useful lifespan was extended by new developments in ammunition that improved its armour penetration capabilities allowing it to knock out heavy tanks from the flank.
New Bolt Action Australians 75mm Pack Howitzer
Australian 75mm pack howitzer (Pacific):
The ubiquitous 25pdr was the standard artillery piece of the Australian Army in the Pacific theatre, as it had been in the desert.
New Bolt Action Australians Scout Platoon Team
Australian platoon scout team (Pacific):
The forward scouts led the way for their platoon, risking death at any moment. This job was rotated regularly to make sure the scouts were always alert.
New Bolt Action Australians Medic Team
Australian medic team (Pacific):
Medical support in the jungle was vital, with tropical diseases causing more casualties than enemy fire.
New Bolt Action Australians Forward Observer Team
Australian Forward Observer team (Pacific):
Although the terrain prevented constant artillery support, in some key battles the Australian Field Regiment’s 25pdrs could be dragged into position to soften up a Japanese defensive position.
New Bolt Action Australians Kachin Native Irregulars Squad
Kachin Native Irregular Squad:
Kachin Native fighters fought against the Axis forces with valour and skill!
New Bolt Action Australians Battle for the Jungle Australian Release Wave 2 Bundle
Battle For The Jungle:
Reinforcements have arrived! Australia and her Allies and unleashed a new wave of men and equipment ready to beat the Axis forces back and to finally conquer the Pacific!
Warlorder Pete Hely's Australians
Pete's Australians:
And here's my rough and ragged Australian force!
New Bolt Action Australians Warlordre Pete's Australian 1250 point Army sET
Warlorder Pete's Australian 1250 point Jungle Army:
You can get Warlorder Peter Hely’s 1250 point list with this set! It also comes with the Bolt Action Campaign book: New Guinea for free!
Check out an upcoming Newsletter to see this army face Warlorder Steve's Japanese!
More Australians Here
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What's on Warlorder Painter Jamie's desk...

Coming soon...British plastic 8th Army
Coming soon...British plastic 8th Army
Coming soon...British plastic 8th Army
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