Sunday, 1 April 2018

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Just when you thought you could put that gold paint away...
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Constantin Valdor
Constantin Valdor, Captain-General of the Legio Custodes
With might to match a Primarch, weapons to slay even the deadliest of foes and nearly peerless skill in command, this legendary hero is renowned for good reason – and now, he's yours to own. 
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Legio Custodes

Why play Legio Custodes?
With only a handful of models needed for an army, the Legio Custodes are easy to collect, simple to paint and highly rewarding to play, with each soldier in your army the equivalent of a hero in another.
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New Releases
The latest models
From the latest Primarch to new vehicles and upgrades for your units, you won't want to miss these new releases. 
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Find out which models your fellow hobbyists love in our roundup of last month's most popular picks. 
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