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Gav Thorpe has apparently been very busy indeed...
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The last few months has seen me working on several projects, some of which I've mentioned in previous newsletters, so I thought I'd give an update on progresss.
Cover of Strontium Dog
The work that Andy Chambers and I have been doing for the new Strontium Dog game is very nearly finished. We've spent many afternoons playtesting the rules, and the chaps at Warlord Games were very happy with their recent play-through of the final set. I haven't seen a release date announced yet, but will update in a future newsletter when I have more info.
Here's one I wasn't able to mention until recently - I'm writing the lore for the Kickstarter-funded miniatures game Carnevale.  I absolutely love the designs for the game, and am thoroughly enjoying writing for a setting that's completely different from my normal realm.
"Set in 1790’s Venice, safe from the effects of the Rent in the Sky that tore Italy in half, Venice is now a hot-spot of magical activity. Strange creatures rise from the canals, the ruling class play violent games with lesser men, and the population of Venice try to survive. All vie for power in the street fights that take place in the dark of the night."
Carnevale Miniatures
I've just delivered the re-writes for Wild Rider, book two in my Rise of the Ynnari series, following on from Ghost Warrior. For those who enjoyed Aradryan from Path of the Outcast, I hope you'll enjoy what I've got in store for him in Wild Rider!
Black Library have also approved my synopsis for Our Martyred Lady, a four episode audio series, which I'll start writing next week. My desire to write more about the Inquisitors was entirely based on Emma Gregory's awesome voice work for Inquisitor Greyfax in my audio series Eye of Night.
Most of my time during recent months has been working on a narrative for a new mobile game - I can't tell you much about that yet, but I will of course let you know in due course.
In addition to the above, I'm also working on another Kickstarter game called The Awful Orphanage, but you can read more about that in my Kickstarter section below.
So that's it for now, much of these smaller projects are coming to an end, and the rest of the year is pretty much mapped out with Black Library novels.  Keep an eye on my social media channels for up-to-the-minute news, and of course I'll keep you updated via the newsletter.

Ashes of Prospero

Cover of Ashes of Prospero by Gav Thorpe
Ashes of Prospero is my first Space Wolves novel for Warhammer 40,000, (having previously written Thirteenth Wolf for the Horus Heresy) and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get into the minds of the Sons of Fenris.
"Concerned by his Chapter’s diminishing numbers, Logan Grimnar entrusts Njal Stormcaller to uncover the remedy of their plight – a remedy that may lie in the least likely of places, on the damned world of Prospero."
Last year I participated in the Authors for Grenfell Tower auction, raising money for the Red Cross who provided much needed support to those affected.  The winner received a dedication in Ashes of Prospero, along with a signed copy, and I was thrilled when it went for £300.
Ashes of Prospero is available now as eBook and paperback, and you can read an extract over at the Black Library website.

Splintermind: The Dark Eldar Podcast

This is a bit late, as I forgot to link to it last month.
You can hear my interview with the folks over at Splintermind - we discuss my novel Ghost Warrior, along with the Eldar in general.
Splintermind Podcast Logo

Newsletter Q&A

Drew asked: Please write the Phoenix Lord novels at a faster pace.  Also, what would Arhra's (first Scorpion Exarch) armour look like?
The next Phoenix Lords novel is being written by someone else (as was always my intent) so that we can keep a regular pace to the series. I’d think Arhra’s armour would be similar to that of Karandras, perhaps something different to the mandiblasters (like the old Incubi shoulder mount...)
Cover of Jain Zar by Gav Thorpe
If you want to ask a question, just reply to the newsletter and I'll get back to you as soon as my schedule allows.

Blog Round-Up

The website is still being neglected due to all the work I've got on, so instead of links to blog posts, here's a picture of the Emperor.
Emperor made from Lego

! Submissions Alert !

18th Wall Productions are the people behind the Cryptid Clash series, which included my instalment Conquest of the Nu World.
18th Wall Productions Logo
They are always open to novel submissions, and ask that you send your first 20,000 words, a full outline and a cover letter.  Have a good look around their bookshop and blog to get a feel for the type of work they publish, and then get writing!

Kickstarter - The Awful Orphanage

"The Awful Orphanage is a mildly evil tabletop game for 1 to 6 players that sees you and your friends navigating winding corridors and rooms, search for items, dodging orderlies and running from the nefarious Gaunt & Sinister Man all whilst searching for one of the hidden Magical Talismans to free yourself from this macabre prison!
Will you work together and give everyone a chance to escape? Or are you just playing along until you can be sure of your victory, and leave your friends behind ..."
'The Awful Orphanage' Box Artwork
I'll confess that I have a vested interest in this Kickstarter as I'm writing some background text for the game, and potentially a story delving into the murderous past of orphanage owner Ms. Prendergast.
But leaving that aside, it looks like a great game and with the new solo-and co-op modes you might not even lose your friends...
While working at Games Workshop I was honoured to be immortalised by artist John Blanche for the Inquisitor rule book, and Nottingham's Left Lion magazine cast me as a Stormcast Eternal for an interview they published last year.  And now I'm a Victorian orphan (albeit a fairly... well fed one).  You can watch the timelapse video of artist Simon Cardew 'orphanising' me by clicking the image below, and you can get this treatment yourself as a limited number add-on when you back the Kickstarter campaign.
Timelapse Video of Gav being 'orphanised'!
The Kickstarter, which already has 683 backers, runs until April 21st.
Envelope with "Top Secret" stamped on it
One of the most common questions I get asked is "What are you working on?", so here's my (sorry, sometimes cryptic) list of works in progress, plus future releases.

Hard Drive Hot List


 Bi-Monthly Competition

All subscribers to my mailing list are entered into the bi-monthly draw to win a personalised, signed copy of one of my books. The March winner of Ashes of Prospero is [redacted on the orders of the Imperium].  The next prize will be a signed copy of Imperator.
Cover of Ashes of Prospero by Gav Thorpe
Cover of A Deadly Wit by Gav Thorpe
Cover of Ghost Warrior by Gav Thorpe

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