Sunday, 1 April 2018

Mantic Games - Easter Sale

An Easter sale courtesy of Mantic Games...
Happy Easter from Mantic! To celebrate the holiday, this Easter weekend we're offering 20% off purchases on the Mantic webstore! Just enter the code EASTER20into the checkout.

Here's a look at what 20% off can get you.
If you were thinking about picking up the Star Saga: Eiras Contract core set (normally £59.99/€79.99/$84.99), then the 20% discount would give you a tasty price of £47.99/€63.99/$67.99, saving you more than £10, regardless of currency!
If you wanted to add some reinforcements to your Dwarf army in Kings of War, then the Steel Behemoth (£39.99/€49.99/$49.99) can be picked up from the website for only £31.99/€39.99/$39.99!
Important Information: this discount cannot be applied to Tickets, products from 3rd Party Companies, Web Bundles, or products on Pre-Order.
Remember, enter the code EASTER20 at the checkout to get your discount. The sale will start on Friday and end on Tuesday 3rd April, so don't miss out!


The idea is simple: in the spirit of the season, we've hidden 10 Dragons Eggs on different pages on the Mantic Website. If you can find and take a screenshot of each and every one of them, then you''ll be in with a chance of winning £100 credit on thewebstore!

There are 10 eggs to find, each in a different colour. You must screenshot each ones location and send the images to before Tuesday 3rd April to be in with a chance to win!


As it's the school holidays, we've discounted the price of our tours for the holiday period. This means that up until the 13th April, you'll be able to get a tour of Mantic HQ (and a complimentary miniature!) for just £6!

This is great activity to share with the kids and show them how their favourite games are made! You can find out more and book your tickets over on the Mantic Blog!
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