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Lincoln's Design Corner

Sneak Preview

One of the titles Petersen Games will be Kickstarting later this year is Startropolis. This is one of those rare games that was NOT designed in house by Sandy or me, but rather brought to us by Jeff Petersen (no relation!), and Tony Mastrangeli of Steel Squire Games. The basic version of Startropolis is very fun, and a worthy game on its own. But they wanted us to add advanced rules to their core game. Hence, Sandy tasked me with developing extra rules - including some (surprise!) asymmetric abilities. (You know you can't have a Petersen Games game without those). 

Build an Actual Space Station

 The basic idea of Startropolis is that you are collectively building a space station. Though you construct it together, Startropolis is emphatically competitive - there is no cooperation here! On his or her turn, each player purchases and attaches a new module.

The type of module, as well as where you build and attach it changes your revenue and other stats. You win by earning the most money at the end, and where and how you attach the modules each round determines your income.
Success Strategy

Today we’ll be talking a little bit about supply modules. Supply modules make more revenue for you when you connect them to two of the same type of module. They have two connections (one slot, or female connection, and one tab, or male connection). If the supply module is connected to a single other module, or to two different module types, then you only earn 3 credits from it each round.

However, if your supply module is connected to two commercial modules (one on each end), then you get more than twice as much - your revenue jumps up to a whopping 7 per round! You’re thinking that it might be really difficult to ensure your supply module is attached to two similar modules, and well it is, mostly.
There is a solution though on how to get it to work by using the rule that you don’t HAVE to attach the module you bought that turn. You can save your supply module and on your next turn you can connect two modules. So, it’s possible for you to buy a supply module and then wait to connect it when you can squeeze it into the perfect spot!

Just be wary of people noticing you didn’t attach as they’ll try to make it impossible for you to attach your precious module! 

                                                                                   Lincoln Petersen

Its Not Too Late to Acquire our Great Cthulhu Figure!

Artist Keith Thompson has completed the Great Cthulhu figure that is part of our Planet Apocalypse last-minute stretch goal, and it has now entered the sculpt phase of production. Everybody gets this intricate figure for free, even late backers. So, if you want the Great Cthulhu, preorder Planet Apocalypse now! Click Here
Help Us Create the Spider Mastermind!

If we reach $600K in total pledges for Planet Apocalypse, everyone will also get the Spider Mastermind, even late backers! We are only $50K away from that goal, so help us make it. This image is an unfinished draft. If we reach our goal, we will be using our top sculptor for this one! Click here
Marchthulhu Sale is Underway!
If you missed our last newsletter, this is a rare chance to purchase a game that you may have missed! This special website-only sale is 20% off most Cthulhu Wars products, + 25% off on all other products that we have in stock!
  • This is a worldwide sale - we have stock of at least some items in all corners of the globe!
  • Any order over $100 in the U.S. or Australia (not including shipping) gets free shipping!
  • Any order over $150 in Europe or Asia (not including shipping) gets free shipping!
This is a first come, first served offer on some of our last-year’s stock! Click here:
Dungeon Boss is Coming Your Way

The amazing video game Dungeon Boss has at last made its way to the table top!

Dungeon Boss: The Boardgame dares you to preserve your kingdom menaced by the MonsterBoss!

Petersen Games and Boss Fight Entertainment have teamed up to create a fun fast game perfectly adapted to the tabletop environment. Look for the Kickstarter announcement in April.

A Petersen Games Roodmas

One Day only April 1 (April Fool’s Day) Kickstarter Opportunity! Go to on Sunday!
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