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More Frostgrave, Oathmark and much more from North Star...
Welcome to Newsletter #141
Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Lost Colossus
If you didn't join in the Nickstarter pre-order program, you can order the new Ghost Archipelago figures normally now, though they’ll not be sent before the Nickstarter orders.
Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age
free metal model shown hereOur next big release are the Elves for Oathmark. We'll start taking pre-orders for them next week! We'll offer them in the same way as we offered the Dwarves andGoblins, each box will be a little cheaper during the pre-order period, and we'll include the free metal model shown herewith each box. Make sure you come by theWebsite next Tuesday.
Elves for Oathmark
Oathmark: Elves
We'll start taking pre-orders for them next week!
Photo of Ancient Gallic Naked Fanatics (VXA031)Photo of Ancient Gallic Naked Fanatics (VXA031)Victrix 
We're happy to announce two long anticipated plastic kits from Victrix came in this week, the Gauls.
Available to buy now.
Ancient Gallic Warriors
Ancient Gallic Warriors
Ancient Gallic Warriors
The League of Augsburg
An old favourite is back in print. The rules for 17th Century warfare 'Beneath the Lily Banners' by the League of Augsburg is with us again, this time with the new title 
The War of Three Kings
The League of Augsburg
Photo of The War of Three Kings (BP1626)The War of
Three Kings

Take the field and win the crown of England for your chosen liege Lord! Fight for King James and aided by your French allies, lead the Irish Army to victory against the usurper and his foreign horde. Support King William’s claim to the throne and captain an international army of English, Irish, Dutch, Danish and French Huguenot soldiers to wrest the crown from the hands of the tyrant!
The War of Three Kings offers the opportunity for games set between 1660-1721 to be played with simple yet elegant mechanisms which deliver a smooth playing experience, authentic period flavour and loads of fun.
Photo of The War of Three Kings (BP1626)
The War of Three Kings
Rogue Stars is a character-based science fiction skirmish wargame, where players command crews of bounty hunters, space pirates, merchants, prospectors, smugglers, mercenary outfits, planetary police and other such shady factions from the fringes of galactic civilisation.
Torriani Games

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