Saturday, 3 May 2014

Aliens Vs Predator Kickstarter - Prodos Visit Titan...

...not the planet...the hobby store...

The guys from Prodos Games brought with them the final versions of many of the Aliens vs. Predator models and some Warzone bits and pieces...more on Warzone in another post.

Here's the pictures of the models I managed to take in between fighting off all the other people trying to look at and/or steal them for themselves...As is to be expected this post is VERY picture heavy...

There are now some pictures of them painted as well which can be found here.

Alien 'Crusher'.
Together with a Predator for size comparison purposes.

Alien Facehugger.
Both with and without a base.

Alien Infants.
The tails are apparently relatively easy to repose using the traditional resin altering method of heating up in water and then altering appropriately.

Alien Praetorian.
This model was particularly impressive.

Alien Queen.

There's been some on-line debate about the size of the Power far as I can see it's pretty much perfect. I've included these size comparison shots for you to make up your own mind...

More pics of the Power Loader in a short while...

Alien Stalker.


Here's some size comparison shots of the various Alien types...

Did some-one mention a Power Loader? Well was probably me...

Power Loader.

...and another size comparison picture...

I suppose this would be a good time to look at some Marines...

 ...and a few weapon close-ups.

That last weapon doesn't look very Marine like...

Dutch Schaefer.

She doesn't look much like a standard 'Marine' either...not that girls can't be Marines...It just doesn't look like a standard uniform to me, lol.

Linn Kurosawa.

Being as Marines can't be everywhere at once it might be nice to have some automatic assistance...

Sentry Guns.

Perhaps we'll have a brief 'cinematic' interlude before we look at the Predators...

Predator Berserker.

I wasn't sure whether to put this guy with the Aliens or the the end I figured the Predator section was a little bit light without him...


There were some objective markers as well including half of Bishop I mean a generic android...

Finally here's some pictures included purely for amusement value.

Apparently if you put the stalker arms on an upright Alien you end up with one who doesn't want any trouble...

"Hold On...Can't we just talk about this..."
Also there were a couple of miniatures from another well known model company lying around and I just couldn't resist...hopefully both companies have a sense of humour or I might be about to get into trouble...

"My Kickstarter was better than your Kickstarter..."
"No MY Kickstarter was clearly the best..."
Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. Those aliens and predators are so sexy it borders on pornography

    It might be me or the photos but the marine weapons look a bit skinny

    Is there a release date yet or is it kickstarter only or is going on general release

    1. It'll be going on general release some time after the Kickstarter though I believe they'll be using hard plastic for the general release rather than the resin used for the Kickstarter models.

  2. I've forwarded this page to a mate who has sunk over £500 in to the suckers.......

  3. Kinda weird that the PredAlien would fight for the Predators...but whatevs.
    Not sure if I'll be buying into this, but I got a lotta love fer AvP, both as a comic book series and fer the original FPS shooters on PC.
    Sigh...lemme go have a look.
    I need something to blame GMort for besides a buncha dead plumbers and interns...

    1. He probably wouldn't...I just wanted to even out the sections a little bit...

    2. Looks like the game will be out any day now, huh?
      Cool. About time, too...

      Oh, and best paintjob ever- the alien with the 'net marks' on his head from the AvP movie.

  4. Hi, I don´t understand this post. These figures belong to the game "AvsP The Hunt Begins" or will be part of expansions for the game or what?

    1. Eighteen months ago when I posted this no-one had seen any of the actual models for the game. These were various early versions of the models. Some were planned for inclusion in the game others were going to be for expansions. The actual box contents can be found here...

  5. Can you do me a huge favor? Can you get a group shot of all your aliens and email me? (I would like to see the sizes between the ones you have and that crusher)

    Email is

    Thank you. (I have plans on buying a massive army of aliens, I have the expansions of warriors, infants, and stalkers.)

    1. Much of those models belonged to Prodos and they took them away with them...I did however do an unboxing of the boxed game that might be of some use...

  6. This is a great review of these models, thank you! I've linked your work in our articles about all of them: Prodos AvP range


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