Friday, 23 October 2015

Dropfleet Commander - Newsletter #4

For those of you who enjoy Dropzone Commander and spaceships...

Dropfleet Commander - Newsletter #4
Friday 23rd October 2015
Today we’re showing off a few colour photos of some more Scourge ships, along with more renders too, and gong further still by unveiling one of the immense pieces of Dropfleet Commander artwork, created by our head artist, Patrice Rameau. This piece will also be the cover art used for the 2 Player Starter Set! We also have more information about possible stretch goals if we hit and go beyond our funding target.
Box Artwork by Patrice Rameau, for the Dropfleet Commander 2 Player Starter Set
Dropfleet Commander - UCM vs Scourge
Scourge spaceship renders
Scourge Cruiser
Scourge Cruiser armed with close action weapons
Scourge Cruiser
Scourge Mothership
Painted Scourge Cruiser
Painted Scourge Cruiser
The Post-Human Republic
PHR logo
Following hot on the heels of the Shaltari stretch goal information, we thought we’d let potential backers know a little more about the last of our 4 major races, the PHR. If we manage to fund the main campaign, we are hopeful that we can achieve the unlock of the PHR plastic starter fleet as a stretch goal, in a similar way to the Shaltari.
Though still in the beta test stage, we nonetheless have the mechanics for the PHR ready and raring to go. In Dropzone Commander PHR armies are tough, elite, and pack a heavy punch, balanced out by having a slightly slower overall speed than their opponents. When designing the faction in Dropfleet Commander, this was taken into account, but created a small problem.
With the PHR being such a high tech race it did not make sense to make them significantly slower than the UCM and we certainly could not give them less firepower! With this in mind we decided to make positioning key for the PHR and this is reflected in the weapons and design of their ships.
In space, mass of armour, technology of weaponry and gross tonnage of ships will not necessarily make for a slower ship when matched with equivalent classed ships from other factions. So while there is an element of this speed comparison in the game, with Scourge being faster than UCM, and UCM faster than PHR, it is only marginal. The real tactical edge comes from player choices in orders, fleet building, and (importantly for the PHR) positioning and ship placement.
The majority of the PHR weapons are found on the flanks of their vessels and while this makes less firepower available to them when closing with the enemy, once they are correctly positioned, they can unleash devastating broadsides to obliterate enemy formations!
This faction requires careful placement from players to get the best out of their fleet, but if they can out manoeuvre the enemy the results will be devastating.
Painted Scourge Heavy Cruiser Preview
Painted Scourge Heavy Cruiser

We have more to come early next week, (including a few more images too) as the start of the campaign rapidly approaches. For some more information check out the weekender on Beasts of War which will be coming this weekend.
- The Hawk Wargames Team

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