Friday, 16 October 2015

Hawk Wargames Newsletter #42

New releases and event news from Hawk Wargames...
Hawk Wargames - Newsletter #42
Welcome to our 42nd Newsletter.
There has been a bit of time since our last Hawk Wargames newsletter, so here is a little update of what we have been up to:
Derby Worlds (UK), and Spiel (in Essen, Germany), were both great shows and your support at those was hugely appreciated. The Hawk team did many demo games and there was a great deal of interest at both shows for the upcoming Dropfleet Commander (more to come on this!)

With this event, also came the introduction of a new Hawk Wargames Team member - Sean. We are very happy to have him on board!
Hawk Wargames become Major Sponsor of UKGE 2016
We are happy to announce that we are going to be main sponsors (alongside Mayfair Games) of UK Games Expo 2016. This was such an exciting show last year and the UKGE organisers have done an impressive job in bringing the best of US conventions to the UK in this brilliant 3 day event. We are proud to be supporting this show as a UK games company that manufactures in the UK. We wll also be running a tournament here for all those who can't make it down to south London for Invasion or Autumn Invasion.
New Famous Commanders
We had the release of some of the new famous commanders
UCM: General Arthur J. Wade
PHR: Jocasta Caine, Battle Vizier
Resistance: Jessie Adams, Guide of the Damned

The other half are due out at the end of this month (now available for preorder).
Award Winning
Hawk Wargames won an award at the Croydon Business Excellence awards, for Best business for Marketing and Social Media, as well as being a finalist for Best SME in Croydon too. This was a great surprise, and we hope we can continue to improve on our marketing and social media over the coming months and years!
Tied the Knot
And finally, on a personal note, David J Lewis, the creator and originator of Dropzone Commander, is now a married man. In a tearful and wonderful ceremony in south England, Dave tied the knot with his University Sweetheart, while half of the Hawk Team were demoing with enthusiasm in Essen!
But that's enough about what has been for the moment... Now for a bit about what will come:
New Famous Commander Units now available for pre-order
Scourge - The Cavebreaker
Shaltari - High Warchief Ramses, The Firstborn
Resistance - Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman
Dropfleet Commander – and Kickstarter
Andy Chambers and David J Lewis have combined to create an incredibly exciting rules set and game in the form of Dropfleet Commander. This game draws on the experience of Andy Chambers and represents "a game he has always wanted to make" and combines with the Universe and gameplay created by David J Lewis in Dropzone Commander. There will be a great deal more information coming soon about this - through our dedicated Dropfleet Commander Newsletter (sign up for this newsletter here).
Our aim is to initially fund the manufacturing of this starter set and the core game through Kickstarter which we are intending to launch at the end of October. More details will be expanded on soon, along with what to expect from this, and how we are intending to support our stores and distributors in this process.
Thanks for reading this, and we look forward to sharing more information very soon.
- The Hawk Wargames Team

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