Sunday, 18 October 2015

Sunday Round-up

Another fairly productive week on the blog with the final two expansions for the Blood Rage game unboxed and reviewed, two Malifaux crews also unboxed and reviewed and our latest session in the Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms RPG written up I think I deserve a bit of a rest...

...but no doubt that rest will be interrupted by many people nagging about things they know I own that I haven't reviewed yet, lol. On that note I'll be giving the Dark Carnival 'Nightmare Edition' version of the Wyrd Games Malifaux Colette crew the usual review treatment which will appear on Monday or possibly Tuesday. I also have a couple of miscellaneous Malifaux unboxings to do for both their recently released scenery accessory kit featuring some rather fetching lamps and a couple of older ones of some fate deck sets that I'm posting just because I have them to be honest. I probably won't bother with the usual social media links to the card ones and will just post them then add links to the 'Malifaux Unboxings' tab for those who are interested in such things though the lamps one is (In my opinion at least) interesting enough to get the usual appropriate group posts.

I do still have the 'Coryphee' and 'Miss Anne Thrope' models for Malifaux to assemble and if I have time these will appear later in the week as features of their own.

I've also spent a bit of time sorting out the hobby newsletter tab which will be renamed the 'Newsletter Archive' as that's really what it is and that's now only a couple of months behind rather than the four month behind it was at the beginning of the week. Hopefully that'll be up to date by the weekend and next week I'll update the 'Other Galleries' one for those of you who come here for the Gothic and Steampunk features rather than the hobby ones.

Once that lot's sorted I'll be looking at the somewhat out of date 'An Introduction To' tab as some of the games in there have changed significantly since those features were done and I have a small pile of board games that could do with getting some actual reviews of rather than just pictures of the box contents. This won't be being looked at for at least a fortnight though. Also if you know of any miniature gaming or board game companies that would like their products featured on the blog (and are willing to send me them for free, lol) then please let them know how awesome I am...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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