Saturday, 3 October 2015

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Not long left now...

The Ultimate Tyrant Returns
There is a little over one week of the Warpath Kickstarter remaining – it finishes 11:59pm BST Sunday 11th October.
Thank you all once again for another firecracker start to the latest Mantic KS. It felt like Warpath was building all year, and then all of a sudden was upon us!

First we had to start with the rules, and the next objective for a hard sci-fi tabletop wargame had to be some vehicles – I think it is a big skirmish game without tanks and planes at this point! – and we have already crashed through 3 of those – with the Interceptor, the Forge Father tank and the Veer-myn Tunneler.
Now that we have funded the rules and got three factions with hard plastic vehicles, we have been able to open up complete army pledges on the Warpath Kickstarter.

These new pledge levels allow you to pick entire 2,000 point armies (typically 3 battlegroups) in one go, or a couple of different factions if you’re playing Firefight – all at an incredible discount.

Ultimate Tyrant 2 Pledge Level - Limited to 150

One of the new mega-pledge levels was the limited Ultimate Tyrant pledge level, whichsold out before we’d even had chance to tell you guys about it.

So we’ve opened another 150 more to give you an opportunity to get one – please don’t miss them because they went very quickly last time!

This pledge level includes Warpath, Firefight and Warpath Source Book in a lavish hard slipcase, plus digital editions of each book, and a free set of plastic counters and Warpath Command Dice. You also get a free pick of $30 hard plastic vehicle, all applicable stretch goals - and you can then choose any FIVE $75 Battlegroups and pick a SIXTH one free!
Not including the discounts already in the Battlegroups, and those over retail, this pledge level will save you over $120 off pledging for the contents individually.

You can choose whichever Battlegroups you want: it could be two complete 2000 points armies, or all-vehicles (you'd get 19 if you did this) if you wanted!

The Ultimate Tyrant 2 pledge level and more is now available on the Warpath Kickstarter - go now and get one before it's gone.
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