Monday, 26 October 2015

Steampunk Rally - Unboxing and Review

One of my many Kickstarter pledges over the last year or so was the board game 'Steampunk Rally'. It had 'Steampunk' in the name and this was obviously a mark in it's favour plus I've been given a lot more consideration to board games recently as generally they take a lot less setting up than a tabletop wargaming session and time is something I'm sadly lacking in lately...anyway...lets have a look...

Box Cover
The game comes in a box...

The game comes with an instruction booklet containing a helpful list of the box contents, a quick start guide and the necessary instructions to play the game along with helpful illustrations and diagrams.
Here's a few sample pictures.

The Track
While your busy building your machine you'll also need a track to race it around. These tiles are double sided in order to give you a second bonus track 'The Hoverdrome'. They're made of nice thick card and seem to be built to last.

Tokens and Game Aids
A number of tokens, gauges, stands for your character icon and dice are necessary to play the game and are all provided in the box. the quality of these is more than adequate and the damage gauges and cog tokens are particularly nice. The tokens are double sided. The box also contains several seal-able plastic bags to put your tokens and the like in when you remove them which is a nice touch that I wish more game manufacturers would consider...

The Cards
These are what makes up your machine creation and range from simple mechanical parts, through engine types both exotic and mundane, different types of locomotion and a number of nasty weapons. There's also a card to represent your machines creator.

I hadn't bothered with board game reviews on this blog and generally keep to reviewing such games from a quality point of view as there are many sites that do game reviews and at least one of them was ran by a friend of mine, lol. As he now seems to have abandoned blogging I'm going to attempt to do some game-play reviews of these games myself. Therefore at some point in the near future I hope to add links to such reviews along with these 'unboxing' features. It's not going to happen immediately as such things need a bit of organisation but they will be happening at some point...

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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