Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

A public service announcement from Hasslefree Miniatures...

We're done!
Well, until we get back from the States anyway ;)

All orders that are going out, have gone out. If you haven't received a despatch notification or an email by tomorrow feel free to email us at and check with us.
I'm supposed tp be packing right now but we decided to try and get all the last minute orders out before we left.
So. Much. Candy. has left us in the last 2 days and there's a 'lot' more to go!

Let's see why...
Miami, Beaches!
Technically it's just me and Jenn leaving but we had this nice graphic from the last time so seemed a shame to only use it once :)

Jenn and I are off to see her family, with a swift stopover at Miami Beach for some sun and relaxation. You've worn us out!

While we're gone the warehouse is on total lockdown, cameras, alarms, klaxons, everything! This means no mail from now until the third week of October. None, not even if you ask nicely. I am completely incapable of sending mail while 4 thousand miles away, even my awesomness has limits.

To make up for this, we are making October the month of promotions and starting Halloween early...
Halloween Code!
Yup, use the code HALLOWEEN2015 to get 20% off everything byHasslefree (or more with our already discounted multi-packs) and discounts off everything else.

(Yes that does include Red Box, I'll explain that below)

We are flying back from the States on the 16th October, we will let you know what day we land, that's when the code will end!

Enter the code on the 'confirm' page, which is the last page before you pay. Do not write the code in the comments box, because...
Goody Bags Galore!
You may have followed the ridiculous overbuying of candy on our FB page recently. Well this should help with that :)

Throughout the entire month of October, even after the code ends, any order that's £50* or over will get a Halloween Goody Bag. Free mins, accessories, miscasts, bits 'n' bobs and special Haloween-themed trick or treat candy (Half of it is sour, half of it isn't!).

Not only that but, if you wish, you can write 'FANTASY', 'SCI-FI' or 'MODERN' in the comments section and we will theme the freebies in your goody bag accordingly. Everyone gets the halloween based ones regardless such as zombies, dressed up kids, decapitated goblin heads etc. but we will do our best to theme any extras to your request :D
(If you want 'BITZ' or just even more candy instead then feel free to request those too, request whatever ya like, typing is free ;) )

*That's £50 after any applicable taxes such as VAT but before postage.
Wait, Red Box?
Yeah, right what happened is this. We have a fancy new voucher system, that allows us to apply it to various categories, products, etc. It's not working so that's out.

What we've done is adjusted the prices of Red Box products accordingly so the voucher now works on them to but it's only 10% off. We figured as it's a bit of a faff you deserved something :)

(Anyone who has ordered the pre-order items, they are arriving while we are away and your order will be fixed accordingly :) )

We've also made sure all codes have a thumbnail and an image, even if it's just a temporary one, while we're away, making things a little easier for ya!
And FInally...
That's it! Kev wil be updating WIPS on his artist's page. I'll be updating our FB page from the road, and have access to e-mails to try and solve any problems but basically from now until the third week of October you guys are on your own. Don't break anything!

'til next time,

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