Sunday, 25 October 2015

Sunday Round-up

Not quite as productive as I was the week before but you can't expect miracles every week...

I did however get a few more Malifaux unboxings done including Mr Coopers 'Dark Carnival', the Coryphee and some lamps from Wyrd Games Accessory range. I also added a couple of minor features on some fate decks. They can be found here should the pictures below interest you.

As well as those I also did the write up of part one of our last Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms RPG session. Occasionally I have to split those write-ups into two when a lot goes on in the session and this was one such session. Part one can be found here and previous instalments are located here.

I've also finally got around to updating the hobby newsletter tab which has now been renamed the Newsletter Archive as well as the other galleries one which I've renamed to the far more accurate Wednesday Galleries.

Next week is a somewhat difficult one as I have many real world commitments which may well eat into my blogging time. I will however get the recently promised 'Miss Anne Thrope' unboxing complete some time early on in the week. I also have an unboxing and review planned for a board game I recently acquired via a Kickstarter called 'Steampunk Rally' which will appear next week some time as well.

I also have the horrendous upcoming task of tidying up my hobby room which will no doubt reveal dozens of boxes of things I promised to do features on and never did, lol.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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