Thursday, 29 October 2015

Wizkids Update

A Wizkids update...with news in it and stuff...

Greetings WizKids Fans!

AVAILABLE NOW! Extreme HeroClix!

Introducing Extreme HeroClixPlay your favorite Gotham and Metropolis heroes in a Megalithic battle against evil and display these statue quality models amongst your cherished collection. 

Each Extreme HeroClix figure is 6.25 inches tall, and comes on a 3 inch HeroClix dial. Add these monumental figures to your collection today!

ONLY AVAILABLE in select Toys"R"Us stores and online in the Warner Bros. Entertainment eBay store.  
AVAILABLE NOW! Star Trek: Attack Wing Reinforcement Booster Brick!

Star Trek: Attack Wing Fans! The 2015-2016 Organized Play Reinforcement Booster Brick is here! Featuring 10 boosters, each containing a unique, all-new Star Trek: Attack Wing ship for use in Organized Play events.

Expand on the Mirror Universe Faction, discover the lost Vulcan D’Kyr class ship, Seleya, learn the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition with the Nunk’s Marauder and more with the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Blind Boosters.

See all the new ships in the preview articles on visit the WizKids Event System today to find your next Star Trek: Attack Wing Organized Play event. 
NOVEMBER ORGANIZED PLAY! DC Comics HeroClix: Suicide Squad

The DC Comics HeroClix: Suicide Squad Monthly Organized Play Kit for November has begun arriving in stores—check out what figures you will be playing for next month!

To find a local store near you that is hosting HeroClix Organized Play events, visit theWizKids Event System.
NOVEMBER ORGANIZED PLAY! DC Comics Dice Masters: Teen Titans

In DC Comics Dice Masters: Teen Titans Organized, Robin leads his team of teenage superheroes including Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire and other sidekicks in the fight to defend humanity.


Visit your FLGS today for the chance to win these Limited Edition Prizes! To find a local store near you that is hosting Dice Masters Organized Play events, visit the WizKids Event System.
STORYLINE ORGANIZED PLAY! Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play Events Continue

The D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons and Star Trek: Attack Wing Temporal Cold War Storylines continue into November with the second month of Organized Play events. Test your skills on the tabletop with new scenarios and adventures for the chance to win Limited Edition Participation and Competitive Prizes! Visit the WizKids Event System to find participating stores today.

For more information on the D&D Attack Wing: Rage of Demons adventures, visit:

For more information on battle against the Xindi in Star Trek: Attack Wing- Temporal Cold War, visit:

- The WK Team
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