Thursday, 15 October 2015

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More Cthulhu Wars on it's way...

CTHULHU WARS - News Update

Shipping News

Original backers of Cthulhu Wars will be glad to know that all of the expansions will be shipping in the next few days.  Everything is being loaded currently and headed to the docks, from there they will ship all over the world.  Keep your eyes open for an update on the Kickstarter on Friday for more information.

Pre-Kickstarter News
The newsletter subscriptions have exploded since we announced the pre-kickstarter and the Glow-In-The-Dark Cthulhu Statue.

To get the Glow-In-The-Dark Cthulhu Statue you will need to make sure that the email you used to register for this newsletter matches you Kickstarter email. If it does not, simply unsubscribe and re-register before the 18th at midnight.

If you have any questions about the pre-kickstarter, please reach out to us

Contest Contest Contest

We are currently running a painted minis contest on our facebook page for the best Cthulhu Wars figures.  Winners get either a new core set, or the brand new Onslaught Two expansions.  To enter, send us a image of your painted Cthulhu Wars minis on our facebook page.

We will also be running a Halloween contest during the Kickstarter, as well as maybe one more.  So be sure to keep following the news on our social media and once the Onslaught Two Kickstarter Launches.

Onslaught Two

We are set to launch on October 19th, and we will send out a newsletter right after we launch.  We time our Kickstarter launches right at Noon, Eastern time, so be watching it around then.  

Geek and Sundry

Geeks and Sundry did a nice little article about Cthulhu Wars on their site.  We always appreciate the attention.  You can check out the article here

New Subscribers:

We want to say thank you to our new subscribers and our old friends.  We know there are a good number of you anticipating Cthulhu Wars Onslaught Two, and we thank you for your support. 

What people are saying about
Cthulhu Wars:

“A board game like none you’ve ever seen before.” Jimmy Johnston,

“We really got a kick out of how the game play worked – how quick it was, how fun it was, how intuitive it is. … this game is super, super fun.”Cody K. Carlson, The Discriminating Gamer

 “This is a game that needs to be in a lot of board gamer’s collections … I can definitely recommend Cthulhu Wars”Michael, Off the Shelf Board Game Reviews

“If you love Cthulhu, and you love miniatures, then don’t even hesitate, because not only are you getting both those, but the game is good, too!” Tom Vasel, Dice Tower

“Something else that I love about this game: each faction plays very differently.“David Guyll, Points of Light

“The strongest commendation I can give here is that I've played Cthulhu Wars over 20 times now and I can't wait to play again.” Kolby Reddish, Designer of Boss

“You could play Cthulhu Wars several times in one evening. And you know what? I would happily have played it again there and then” Paul Fricker, Blasphemous Tomes

“It’s gloriously epic and visceral in a way that you rarely see”Mike Langlois, author, designer of Fireteam Zero
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