Sunday, 11 October 2015

Mantic Games Newsletter

There's actually less than the 36 hours left mentioned in this newsletter because I posted it a day later, lol.

Final Days of the Warpath - The Sci-fi Battle Game
Warpath is the sci-fi gaming system where two opposing forces of 28mm-scale miniatures do battle in the warzones of the far future, and there are just 36 hours remaining for you to join us on the Kickstarter.
This is our Kickstarter video for the project – it gives you an overview on what we set out to achieve when we first started three weeks ago. How far we’ve come!

This project is the tenth we’ve ran, and it’s been an amazing success! With 2 days left to go, we already have more backers than seven of other projects, with only the first Deadzone and Dungeon Saga having more - thank you to everyone who supported the project :)
With 36 hours remaining there are only 110 'complete army' pledges left!

For $235 you will get the mass-battle Warpath rulebook, skirmish-level Warpath: Firefight rulebook, a Warpath Source book dedicated to the background and history of the universe and its inhabitants, free sets of Command Dice and Counters for the game, and digital copies of the rulebooks - everything you need to play Warpath.
You will also get a free choice of $30 hard plastic vehicle, and any three $75 Battlegroup of your choice. allowing you to build a 2,000 point army (approximately 3 Battlegroups).

As a special reward for breaking the Deadzone: Infestation backer number, the pledge level also includes a free exclusive Ultimate Blaine - Tyrants Mercenary Leader figure!

This figure is also available for $8 as an add-on so that anyone get him.

Finally, there are only 25 'Ultimate Tyrant' pledges remaining, which will not be available on the pledge manager. With this pledge you get the same as above except you choose any five battlegroups and pick a SIXTHBattlegroup for FREE. You also get anyTWO FREE $30 vehicles plus extra counters and dice. This is the perfect deal for getting one of each of the factions for Firefight or Deadzone, as many as 20(!) vehicles, or two 2,000 point armies.
Final Hours!

A few years ago we set out to build a new sci-fi universe, and with our first attempt we fell short.
But, we tried again, and because of lots of hard work and fantastic support from a passionate band of gamers, collectors and modelers, something exciting is really starting to happen.
The Warpath universe is growing and building into a very exciting place - we hope that you will join us for the final run in where we are hoping to fund a fifth hard plastic vehicle and more units and characters for different factions.

The Warpath Kickstarter is coming to a close tomorrow at 11:59pm - please do not miss it!
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