Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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Another new army being funded for Warpath...

Warpath - The Sci-fi Battle Game
It's been a dream of ours to have two established universes since we first started Mantic - one fantasy (Kings of War) and the other Sci-fi (Warpath.) After years of hard work Kings of War is becoming an established game in the community, with tournaments and campaigns being set up around the world.
We once tried building a sci-fi game four years ago and for many reasons didn't get it right. We stepped away, built up the universe and miniatures ranges through DreadBall and Deadzone bit-by-bit, and we were able to have another go.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years, including those who have supported the Warpath Kickstarter, we're able to finally produce a proper Warpath rulebook - two in fact - three new hard plastic vehicles, and three new plastic infantry kits, in addition to the miniatures and background our previous campaigns helped us create.
Together we can make a great sci-fi battle game for gamers, by gamers. We hope that you will share the last five days of this incredible journey with us by supporting the campaign and helping make lots of new kits for you to model, paint and make armies out of.

Right now, we're funding new hard plastic Corporation Troopers, with lots of options for making them yours. These soldiers are important to the universe, because it's from their perspective that we tell the Warpath story, and so we feel that they should be rightly represented on the tabletop with a brand new set of miniatures on launch of the new rulebook.

With your help anything is possible. Their Battlegroup is up on the Kickstarter and you can pledge for them now to help us break the goal.

Today we're proud to share with you the latest set of Warpath Alpha rules. These have been updated after taking your feedback into account. There is also an accompanying gameplay video Stewart filmed with Beasts of War, and we've got a great story collection by Christopher Verspeak for you to download for your Kindle, which we thoroughly recommend reading to get into the Warpath mood.
New Warpath Alpha Rules and Force Lists now released
Get Ghosts of the Past by Christopher Verspeak on Kindle
These Force Lists include stats and rules for all the miniatures funded on the Kickstarter so far, and introduces Force Lists for the Asterians and GCPS (The Corporation) for the first time!

Go get them here.
Immerse yourself in the Warpath Universe with the free Ghosts of the Past digital collection. Add the book to your account and you can download ebook and Kindle versions from your online library at www.manticdigital.comor access in the Mantic Games app for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire.
NEW! Get to grips with the Warpath Mechanics
We flew Warpath rules-writer Stewart Gibbs over to Beasts of War to show Warren how to play – and you can watch it here!
How to Build a Complete Warpath Army
To help you get into the game we have a range of great-value pledge levels - one for every budget and every type of hobbyist.

To get a complete 2,000-point Warpath army (typically 3 Battlegroups), or a couple of different factions for smaller games, we recommend the Total Warfare pledge.
For $235, you can choose any three $75 Battlegroups from the faction and vehicle bundles we have available. The army on the right for example is made up of two Enforcer Battlegroups and one Enforcer Interceptor Battlegroup.

That’s a whole 2,000-point sci-fi army for the equivalent of about £150.

Those three battlegroups separately come to $225, and for the remaining $10 you get:
  • A choice of any $30 hard plastic vehicle
  • The Warpath and Firefight Rulebooks
  • Warpath Source Book
  • Digital versions of all three books
  • A free set of $8 Command Dice
  • A free $10 Warpath Counter Set
As you can see the pledge level offers incredible value, and allows you to get three great Battlegroups which are already packed to the brim with high quality plastic soldiers.

There's plenty of choice and variety on offer, so please consider supporting the Warpath Kickstarter now, before it ends in just 5 days time.
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