Saturday, 10 October 2015

Unboxing Blood Rage - Kickstarter Exclusive Wildboar Clan

This additional clan for the Blood Rage game was a Kickstarter exclusive though it's possible that it might appear in future promotions for the game at events or conventions. It also contains upgraded versions of the tokens for the core game so if you can get hold of it then it's worth doing so.

The box contains all you need to add the Wildboar clan to your games of Blood Rage. It is worth mentioning however that this doesn't mean you can use them as a 5th clan in normal games as that still requires the 5th player expansion though it does give you access to a new Viking clan with it's own unique advantages and strategies.

Before we look at the Wildboar Clan lets have a look at those new tokens. I've only taken pictures of one each of the clan ones as showing four of the same thing seemed somewhat redundant.

Lets move onto the actual Wildboar clan now then.
The Game Pieces
The expansion also contains all the counters and tokens required for the Wildboar Clan as well as a different coloured set of bases to clip onto the models so as to easily discern them on the game board.

There are some additional cards required when using the new clan and of course they also have their own clan card for keeping track of their progress in the game.

The Models

This clan expansion also contains the appropriate Mystics for the Wildboar clan

Wildboar Clan Leader

Wildboar Clan Mystic

Wildboar Clan Warriors

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. I want mine right now!!!! Hahahahaha

    Thanks for the photos!

    1. It's beginning to feel like I'm just teasing you now, lol.

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