Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Unboxing Blood Rage - Core Box (Part Two) - The Clans

The Blood Rage core box contents can be seen here in Part One should you have missed it while this part is going to have a closer look at the four clans that appear in that aforementioned core box.

Each of the clans consists of nine models. There's a single leader and eight warriors with the eight warriors being in two different sculpts of four models each. There is an expansion that adds a pair of 'Mystics' to each one (they have some special rules of their own as well) filling out the clans to eleven models a piece but we'll look at those separately a bit later.

The Clan Leaders
Each of the clans is based around a particular animal and has their own style based around that concept. The core box contains four...

Bear Clan

Bear Clan Leader

Bear Clan Warriors

Here's some painted Bear Clan models from the Blood Rage Facebook page.

Raven Clan

Raven Clan Leader

Raven Clan Warriors

Here's some painted Raven Clan models from the Blood Rage Facebook page.

Serpent Clan

Serpent Clan Leader

Serpent Clan Warrior

Here's some painted Serpent Clan models from the Blood Rage Facebook page.

Wolf Clan

Wolf Clan Leader

Wolf Clan Warriors

Here's some painted Wolf  Clan models from the Blood Rage Facebook page.

Well that's the four clans covered and we'll have a look at the monsters in the next part.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.


  1. They're so f***ing amazing! And the painted ones... for Thor!

    I hope mine arrives soon! T_T

    1. It was well worth the wait. I'll be doing a feature on the monsters tomorrow.

  2. Fantastic models! Thanks for taking the time to photograph all of these guys! Loving their details.

    1. You're welcome. It's worth buying the game just for the models as they have so many potential uses for other miniature wargames as well...

  3. is this the Conan game? Really wish I'd backed that instead of AVP. Still no delivery on their kickstarter 2+ years later. Will never deal with prodos again in any capacity.

    1. No it's called 'Blood Rage'...



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