Friday, 30 October 2015

Wyrd Games November Newsletter

Novembers new releases and promotions news from Wyrd Games...


We've got another exciting month coming up! November will not only see the regular monthly releases, but the end of the month we will also have a sale with special edition miniatures.

We've got a number of other events going on as well, so read on!
Below are the new releases for the month of November (including the Brotherhood of the Rat, which after a few shipping issues has finally arrived):
In addition to these releases, we have a number of restocks that are back in stores (or will be soon, depending on your store)!
  • WYR20001 - Malifaux 2nd Edition - $40
  • WYR20009 - Malifaux 2nd Edition Rules Manual - $15
  • WYR20013 - Malifaux 2nd Edition Crossroads - $45
  • WYR20010 - Schemes & Strategies Deck - $15
Keep your receipt when you spend $60 or more on Wyrd products at your local gaming store during the month of November! If you fill out this form with a photo of your receipt before the 5th of December, we will send you a Bete Noire in colored plastic.

Limit 1 reward per person. Only local game stores count. Printed receipt required (no handwritten receipts). Local currencies accepted, as long as the total is equivalent to 60 USD or more. Rewards will be mailed after completion of promotion. Please allow time for delivery.
An autumnal-themed painting contest, the Rotten Harvest encourages hobbyists to bring their skills and show just how amazing miniatures can look!
The Henchman program is now accepting applications! Click on the image above to find out more about promoting Wyrd games!
And don't forget that the Nythera Worldwide Event is still ongoing! With over 2,000 Malifaux players and over 400 Through the Breach players, the results are streaming in. There's still time to take part and help shape the destiny of Malifaux! You can find out more details here.
As always, remember that we've got the Tales of Malifaux, a biweekly podcast telling the stories from the Malifaux books and the Wyrd Chronicles, a bimonthly magazine available for free download.

At the end of November, Wyrd is going to have another Black Friday sale! This one is extra exciting because it includes our 10 year anniversary as a company. More information about the sale will be forthcoming in a newsletter later this month. Stay tuned!
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