Wednesday, 21 October 2015

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A nice Dreadball Xtreme bundle from Mantic Games at an excellent discount...

Xtreme Violence, Xtreme Offer

As we launch into our pre-Season Six DreadBall Primer all this week on the Mantic Blog, our commiserations to all of the teams that have been knocked out of the Rugby World Cup - and congratulations to the semi-finalists.

To cheer ourselves up, we’re offering the DreadBall Xtreme - The Galaxy’s Most Brutal Sport - at 50% OFF in the build-up to the Rugby World Cup final.
All of this for just £24.99 / €29.99 / $39.99
Offers end 11:59pm Saturday 31st October.
The DreadBall Xtreme Boxed Game includes:
  • Xtreme Deluxe Gaming Mat (worth £19.99 / $34.99)
  • One ready-to-play Long Rock Lifers Convict Team (worth £17.99 / $29.99)
  • One ready-to-play Bremlin Nebulas Kalyshi Team (worth £17.99 / $29.99)
  • 9 DreadBall Xtreme Free Agents (worth £17.99 / $29.99)
  • DreadBall Xtreme Obstacles and Accessories (worth £14.99 / $24.99)
  • 2 Sets of Coloured Bases to show who is on which team, meaning you don’t need to paint your models!
  • 1 Blaine Sponsor
  • 1 Warden Rusolov Sponsor
  • DreadBall Xtreme Rulebook
  • Dice, Cards, Counters and more!
And you can get all of it (worth over £90/$150) for just £24.99/$49.99, until 11:59pm Saturday 31st October.
Full-Throttle DreadBall Action
The Rugby World Cup Final is held on Saturday 31st October, meaning you’ve got just 11 days to get your copy of the Galaxy’s Most Brutal Sport.
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Catch-up with DreadBall Academy: Xtreme Special!
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