Friday, 16 October 2015

River Horse Newsletter

Even if the Labyrinth game was terrible I still think I'd end up buying it just for the models if these sculpts are anything to go by...

Throw down your weapons, and I'll see that you're well-treated. 

Another newsletter and another stunning sculpt for our upcoming Labyrinth board game.  Johnny is continuing to wow us with the detail and feeling he captures in the figures.  You'll notice the sneak peak at Sarah too...
Let us know what you think here.

One of these cops is not like the others....

With the release of Terminator Genisys on Blue Ray and DVD next month, we thought we'd share a preview of our next set of figures (released around the same time as the DVD).
These three LA policemen are from our '1984' set, which has seven figures in total. Included in the set is the T-1000.  Available initially in resin and then later on in metal from our online shop here.
We'll be showing you the rest of the figures in the next newsletter

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The Hunt Begins...

So in our mini newsletter last week, we announced that we are making a 'The Hunt for Red October' board game.
We are all really excited about this and wanted a little more info from Alessio, this is what he said:
"This game is set ONBOARD Red October, and it's kinda like: "is this player really a defecting officer? Or has he changed his mind? Does he really want to surrender to the US navy or does he want to launch the ICBMs instead? Or is he a saboteur/KGB agent?"
...while at the same time you have to dodge both US and USSR attempts at sinking you..."
We have a Facebook group up and running here, come 'shay' hello (best Captain's accents only).

And finally...

Final print samples for 'Waterloo, Quelle Affaire' are here, and they look great (even if we do say so ourselves)!
We are hoping that these will be printed and on the boat in the next few weeks.
We will soon be contacting those backers who pledged for original pieces of art to give you a list to choose from.  The posters will be sent out with the game.
Stay in touch at the Waterloo Quell Affaire facebook page here
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