Monday, 19 October 2015

Wyrd Chronicles 20

Wyrd Games's latest 'Wyrd Chronicles' downloadable magazine is now available...

Hey Wyrdos. Check out the newly released Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 20!

In this issue:
  • A Bad Penny: A story about bad things happening...
  • Meat Market: A Through the Breach location
  • Age Before Beauty: Yan Lo versus Colette!
  • The Blood Moon: A Halloween themed Malifaux scenario
  • Dancing Queen: Painting up the ever lovely Lola from the Dark Carnival
  • Good Faith: A quick Through the Breach one shot
  • By Yan Lo's Beard: Everyone could use some assembly tips now and again
  • Not Quite What The Doctor Ordered: A humorous story involving the good Doctor McMourning
  • All Work, Cosplay: More cosplay goodness!

You can download the magazine on DriveThruRPG (click on the image above for a direct link), and then come over to our forum to discuss.

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