Friday, 30 October 2015

River Horse Games Newsletter

Some new release news from River Horse Games...

The 1984 set is here!

To celebrate the release of Terminator Genisys on Digital download and DVD/Blue ray, today we release the 1984 set.
This 7-figure set, has the characters (funnily enough) in 1984 when Kyle first travels back to 'save' Sarah.
You get Kyle, Sarah, Guardian, the T-1000 (as a cop) and three Los Angeles Police Department officers.

They are available in resin from our store here and will be released later in metal.

We will be running a shipping offer for the month of November: free UK shipping with orders over £50 and free international shipping with orders over £80 (for international shipping, use code Icanshowyoutheworld )

...and did we mention the Spider tanks and Resistance fighters are now back in stock?!

We know you saw these last time, but...

Here are the close up pics of the cops and the T-1000
Join us on Facebook for more pictures and details of whats happening in the community.

The Hunt Continues...

The Hunt for Red October board game continues its development, the basic outline for how the game plays has all been approved and we will be starting to playtest next week.
We don't have any pictures to show you yet as we are still in the early development stage, but expect them soon.

We have a Facebook group up and running here, come 'shay' hello (best Captain's accents only).

'Waterloo, Quelle Affaire'

The game is being printed right now!
If all goes to plan the boxes should be on the boat, heading for the UK in under two weeks.
On arrival, they will be delivered straight to our distribution partners who will be packing them up and sending them out.
Stay in touch at the 'Waterloo, Quell Affaire' facebook page here

So, the Labyrinth is a piece of cake, is it? Well, let's see how you deal with this little slice...

The game is now in advanced playtest mode and we are beginning to lay out the art for the rulebook, board and cards.
Sarah and Jareth are being finished up by Johnny, along with a few other little surprises, once these have been approved we will show them off. Sorry I can't show any sneak peaks, don't want to get thrown in the oubliette...

Come join us at the Facebook page here.

From the community.

We couldn't resist showing you these pics of our resistance fighters painted by the talented Marcel Popik, we think he's done a great job on these!
Head over to the facebook page to see more of these and Neil's light up Spidertank.
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