Monday, 5 October 2015

Hasslefree Miniatures Newsletter

Some Halloween offers from Hasslefree Miniatures...

The Month of Halloween!
I was tired of Christmas getting earlier every year. People have christmas decorations up in their house right now! If you are one of these people then stop. Just stop.

So the whole of October is our Halloween month this year. Sale details are below for those of you who didn't open the last newsletter, plus all October orders over £50 will qualify for one of our Halloween Goody Bags (details below again).

Working from Miami!
I am in South Beach, Miami. The weather is over 90 degrees and I am sat in my hotel room writing this. Some of you people had better be buyng stuff to make up for my heroic sacrifice! :)
(Actually I hate the heat, Jenn is happy as a pig in ... well, ya know, but I am basically a fat grumpy lobster at this stage.)

I have, as you can see, tried to enter into the spirit of things with a somewhat low key Hawaiian/Miami shirt. Not quite Wiebe standards but getting there (Only some of you will understand that :) )

Backup Codes!
Right. Some of you have expressed an interest in making a second order before we're back, and some of you have timed out or had an issue while attempting to use the code the first time.

So we have instituted 2 backup codes, they are simple enough and can be used by anyone. HALLOWEEN2015B andHALLOWEEN2015C :)

Goody Bags
As those of you who read the first newsletter will know, any ordersover £50, before postage, in October qualify for a Halloween goodie bag.

Contents may vary but the base goody bag will be Halloween based, kids in costumes, zombies etc. There will then be an added component that we try to theme to yor order. However, as we aren't psychic we have allowed you guys to write a specific type of added component in the comments box as you make your order. Something like 'MODERN', 'SCI-FI', 'FANTASY', 'BITZ' etc. Even something odd like 'MISCASTS' will do, can't promise anything but we will do our best :)

I don't think we mentioned in the first newsletter that the larger the order, the larger the goody bag :)

Before we left we made orders with our casters, so we have added those onto the site, putting a number of popular items back into stock.
The above photo shows a few of the fantasy items but there are also a number of non-fantasy items like Hamlet, Woody, Vic & Pilot Vic and so on.

Everything is due in before the end of the month so we thought you guys and gals who were waiting for something to come back in would appreciate the opportunity to use the code :)

(I know I could have put up an image with them all but I'm in a hotel room in Miami on the world's smallest computer so I don't care! ;) )

Red Box
We've had one Red Box restock arrive just before we left and we have another due just when we get back, so all codes have been added.

Barring disasters the Pre-Orders of the Helsvakt will arrive with that restock when we get back so this sale is your last opportunity to get the extra discount on those, as soon as I know they are arriving they become normal stock and the extra discount goes away. Don't say you haven't been warned! :)

Mystic Family
If you didn't see THIS on our Facebook page, then you won't know that we have made a quick fix for our Mystic Family pack.

Panda's mould has been shot for a while, and recently Kev had a special 1-piece resin master cast up, as the first step to getting a new mould made.

So, for a limited time only, the Mystic Family pack will include that 1-piece resin master instead of the regular metal version! Only while stocks last (or the resin master mould lasts).

And Finally...
I honestly can't think of anything :)

Oh, Kev is much further along on one of the last Challenge minis, the minigunner.
We will continue to update our own FB page while away.

Is it possible to sweat to death?

'til next time,

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