Sunday, 11 October 2015

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If you were interested in the Warpath Kickstarter then you might need to get a move on as there's not long left now...

3 Hour Warning
With the Warpath Kickstarter we wanted to take the Warpath universe to the next level. I think this meant 3 things – rules for big battles, multipart vehicle kits and introducing hard plastic to some more races to allow more armies.
With the rules the plan was to take a stab at the big battle format. Lots of troops, numbers of vehicles flying around the place and other tanks and the like trying to blow the crap out of everything! Feedback told us there was a demand for small battle game too – with squads and troops, but with each figure autonomous. Both games we intend to design to play in a couple of hours.

And background – lots of lots of background, and the source book should cover lots of that.
Enforcer Jetbikes move in support of an incoming Enforcer Strike Team
The Plague fight a running battle with the Forge Fathers around a strategic LZ
Strike Team Alpha seek to stem the Veer-myn Tide.
After the rules we wanted to add Vehicles – you know Tanks, Troop transporters, planes, fighter bombers and, of course a huge connectible tunnelling machine!!!
We had the Enforcer Interceptor as the first objective, then the Veer-myn Tunneller and Forge Father APC and Battle tank. If we were backed enough the final planned vehicles we had on the radar were the Corporation/Plague gunship and an Asterian transporter (with weapon upgrades.)

And the list of Warpath races that needed hard plastic sprues for the basic troops included the Plague, Asterians and (although we didn’t really expect to get this far) finally we had the GCPS troopers.

With just 3 hours remaining, all our secrets and plans have begun the journey of becoming a reality. There will be vehicles taking to the Warpath universe in force – in some cases as scenery or objectives in Deadzone games, and on other table tops they will be deployed in force to ride over and destroy enemy formations.

And now Deadzone will have access to a whole lot more plastic kits, and of course Warpath has 6 full armies to pick from – each with several plastic infantry and vehicle kits, lots of heroes, elite troops and some funky support weaponry – and all on a table top with game rules built around the custom designed scenery.

Here's a preview of some of the final remaining things from the Warpath Kickstarter. From Left to Right:
  • Corporation Hornet Dropship (can be built as Plague Dropship) - Funded!
  • Veer-myn Tangle - In Funding.
  • Forge Father Hultr Half-Track - In funding.
It seems that the idea of a hard-edged, believable, well conceived sci-fi universe has had a strong resonance with gamers.

This Kickstarter is currently on 3200 backers – that puts it firmly 3rd in the all-time Mantic list – and by far a record for one of our full wargame KSs. We hope that you willjoin us for the final 3 hours and help us break through our last remaining stretch goals – and get yourself a complete sci-fi army!
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