Saturday, 10 March 2018

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'Black Library Live' and some release news...
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Black Library Live
Black Library Live 2018
16th June 2018 | Warhammer World, Nottingham
The ultimate one-day Black Library event is back! Spend the day surrounded by authors and fellow fans, attend seminars, get your books signed and pick up new and exclusive products, including pre-release books. Tickets are on sale now – claim yours while you can!
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Spiral Dawn
Cult of the Spiral Dawn
Peter Fehervari
Members of a seemingly loyal cult devoted to the Emperor make a pilgrimage to the world on which their order began. But what they find there puts all they believe into question…

It's a typically thoughtful and bizarre tale from Peter Fehervari that exposes just how insidious and devastating Genestealer Cults can be.

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Guy Haley
Even among the hallowed ranks of Space Marine Chapter Masters, Commander Dante of the Blood Angels is a legend. With over a thousand years of service, he has defended both the Imperium and his cursed brothers with every breath. This is his story.

For the first time, discover the history of the glorious Blood Angels Commander Dante and his many centuries serving the Imperium.

Now in paperback | Also available as an eBook
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The Red Path
Khârn: The Red Path
Chris Dows
This tale of the Chaos Space Marines puts the spotlight on the infamous Khârn the Betrayer as he kills, maims and burns his way across the galaxy – but with Abaddon the Despoiler planning his 13th Black Crusade, Khârn's talents for mayhem need to be put to good use...

It's a blood-soaked, action-packed adventure that puts the Betrayer in conflict with, well, everyone.
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Coming Soon
Coming Soon
from Black Library
Another swathe of exciting books and audio dramas have been revealed – find out what you'll be reading (and listening to) in June, including a new fiery Horus Heresy anthology and a secret-filled Space Marine Conquests novel.
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