Friday, 9 March 2018

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Some current and upcoming projects from Petersen Games...
We appreciate you!

Thanks to all our backers who pledged and supported the Kickstarter for our newest release, Planet Apocalypse!

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Upcoming Game Releases

Mark your calendar now for this year’s big releases. It’s not too late to start planning, and we are excited to give you a little peek behind the curtain so you know what’s in store.

Spring 2018 – Dungeon Boss the Board Game
This highly rated, exciting video game comes to your table top Spring 2018.
Summer 2018 – Startropolis
Meet the orbital challenge! Build a working space station.
Three Connected Modules
Startropolis -  Three Connected Modules
Coming Fall 2018 – Chaos Rift
Face (or become!) the Dark Lord.
Shapeshifter - Minion from Chaos Rift
Shape Changer Preview
Coming Winter 2018 – Hyperspace
Awaken your Inner Alien.
Skith turntable
Sandy Petersen and the Team at Petersen Games
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