Saturday, 10 March 2018

Hasslefree Miniatures - Newsletter

A 'Flash' sale from Hasslefree Miniatures...
It's Ma Birthday!
Haaaaapy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday Dear Meee-eee, Haaaapy Birthday to Me.

Yay, I'm older. *world's tiniest party popper*

And I am not alone, Kev's birthday was a few days ago, and he passed 50 again! And Kieran's Birthday a few days before that.

I got snowed in at the unit, which was amusing-ish :)

And our FB page is about to pass 12k likes.

It feels a lot like the universe is suggesting something...
Anything bought using this code won't ship until the end of the week, fair warning! The reason why is in the next section below.

To make up for the delay we're having a quick 48hr (ish) flash sale. The code will be active until the next Newsletter comes out on Sunday.
Enter 'BUGGERIT' in the code box* for 12% Off your order.
*The code box is on the confirmation page, stop using the comments box! :)
Another fair warning, no complaining when new releases come out next week or some delayed restocks arrive etc. That's how these flash sales work :)

Oh, and in case you're wondering why on earth that is the code...
State of the HF Union
On Sunday I'll send out the yearly 'HF State of the Union' newsletter. We'll go over the past year and talk about plans for the future year etc. The following Sunday we'll restart our release schedule (No metal releases before Salute sorry, explanation in that newsletter).

I'm spending the weekend clearing the last of the sticky 'issues' then the week will see us clear the last of the KS pledges (minus those who haven't completed the pledge manager).

If you're concerned about anything relating to a HF website, please email us using BWARTEMIS at GMAIL dot COM (Not the domain name emails) , if you already have and haven't received an answer, I'll get to you this weekend as I clear literally everything out (Man, you have no idea how that will feel). If you'd like to bump your email to make sure, feel absolutely free.
If you're concerned about a KS pledge, then you can email us if you wish, or they have now fixed the inbox glitch so I will be clearing those too. Sunday will also see the next proper Update there.

We will be closing the pledge manager this week. As we'll consider it done, it will be closed and we can start releasing the miniatures to the general public, at their correct RRPs, next month.
So last chance to make a late pledge HERE.

Seeing as there's no metal releases, we're pretty much done, finally, catching up, and all of those things up in the first section happened at once, I literally thought 'Bugger It, flash sale' :)
'til next time,
p.s. As usual, anyone who ordered just before the sale will get a freebie, we got ya covered, and anyone who was affected by the delays has already been compensated in their order ;)

p.p.s we'll give them a proper bump in future kickstarters but two friends of HF have Kickstarters running at the moment ...

#1 Bonefield by Macrocosm Miniatures

#2 Transmissions 4 by Matt DIxon

... as always, if you pledge on anything we link to, let them know in the comments there we said Hi :)

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