Sunday, 4 March 2018

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More releases for the Daughters of Khaine...
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Strike from Above
No foe is safe from the Khinerai – winged bringers of Morathi's vengeance. Devastate enemy armour with the javelin-throwing Heartrenders and cut a bloody path through infantry with the sickle-wielding Lifetakers. 
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Blood Sisters
Slither from the Shadows
Mutated by the tortures of Slaanesh, the Melusai are the sinister elite of the Daughters of Khaine. All are precise and deadly warriors, whether they be the glaive-wielding Blood Sisters or the stealthy Blood Stalkers. 
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Morathi Returns!
The Shadow Queen is yours to command! Lead the Daughters of Khaine to victory with peerless cunning, unleash deadly magics and transform to crush your foes with sheer physical might...
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Blasted Hallowheart
A Battlefield in a Box
Turn any tabletop into your personal corner of the Mortal Realms in moments with this set, featuring portable board tiles, easy-to-build pre-coloured scenery, treasure chest markers and more. 
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Azyrite Ruins
Terrain Made Easy 
These easy-to-build ruins make adding some extra cover or thematic terrain to your board simple, and are even pre-coloured so you don't have to paint them!
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Classic Fiction Returns
Get your hands on some renowned tales of the world-that-was, brought back into print for a limited time only:
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Malign Portents
New Story
A new story from
Malign Portents
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Painting Competition
Chapter 3 of the Global
Muster Begins
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