Friday, 16 March 2018

Shades of Vengeance - Kickstarter News

Not long left to pledge to Shades of Vengeance latest superhero themed RPG Kickstarter...

Be your own kind of hero!

A month ago, I told you about our latest game...

I told you all about how you can play any superhero or supervillain power setyou like, using our brand new Power Tree mechanics for Era d10. I told you about the various eras we're offering in our biggest game since Era: The Consortium. And I told you how there's much more still to come.

Since then, we've had an amazing Kickstarter!
  • We've passed 4 Stretch Goals and are getting close to the 5th.
  • We've put out 4 free audio stories, recorded by a voice actor from the fiction in the book, with a 5th still to come.
  • We've had interviews with some amazing podcasts, including We're Not Wizards, and written interviews!
There are only 3 days to go, so I wanted to remind you what Era: The Empowered offers...

Create generational characters - as one dies, make the next in the line!

Characters can inherit powers from a predecessor in Era: The Empowered
making them stronger and more versatile. There's no limit on how many power trees a character can have - you can be anywhere from street level to cosmic!
Learn more »

Choose from 7 eras of history to play any sub-genre of superhero story you like!

We've worked hard to create a world with the richness you've come to expect from us. With a 15-year veteran of comics on the team, we've made something which lets you experience any kind of superhero story you can imagine!
Join us!


Get even more of our awesome stuff from Patreon! We release monthly sessions, wallpapers and frequent beta test games, along with free content.
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