Sunday, 11 March 2018

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T'au Empire
Codex: T'au Empire
Fight for the Greater Good with a brand new codex. It's packed with new and revised datasheets, army abilities, Warlord Traits, a host of Stratagems and much more – including comprehensive background on the T'au Empire, uniform guides to the various septs and, of course, lots of glorious photos of Citadel miniatures.

The codex is available in two fantastic digital editions: the eBook edition designed to replicate the physical book on any phone and tablet, and the Enhanced edition, exclusive to iBooks, which comes packed with extra features to help you navigate the codex and craft your T'au Empire army.
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Daughters of Khaine
Battletome: Daughters of Khaine
Morathi's blood-soaked forces march to war with new warscrolls, a suite of allegiance abilities and everything else you need to field an army of murderous aelves in your games.

Download the eBook edition to have all the new rules and background in your pocket.
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Age of Sigmar
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
Have all the rules you need in the palm of your hand – warscrolls for every model, books and rules available to buy, and the amazing Azyr Roster Builder. It's your ultimate companion to the Age of Sigmar.
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Citadel Paint
Citadel Paint
Find your perfect colour scheme and follow detailed guides to help make your miniatures look amazing. Packed with an ever-growing array of step-by-step instructions, it's your perfect painting tutor.
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White Dwarf
White Dwarf
Get your monthly hobby fix on your phone and tablet with the digital edition of the ultimate Warhammer magazine – packed with news, interviews, exclusive rules, glorious army showcases and much more!
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