Friday, 23 March 2018

Raging Heroes - New Releases

More from Raging Heroes...
New Exclusive Packs feat unreleased Centaurs + Skinners/Flesh Eaters
+ LAST CHANCE to grab the remaining Holy Charge Packs (Mounted KnightsSisters, Angels)and Harpy Claws Packs (Harpies, Asharah on Pegasus)

Wicked creatures out of the darkness...
Centaurs, Flesh Eaters & Skinners

Fused with the bodies of their own slaves, the Centaurs are a vision of galloping madness like only the mind of the Lust Elves can create...

EXCLUSIVE Exalted Ravagers Pack Save 17%

6 unreleased Centaurs, Troops and Command Group

EXCLUSIVE Exalted Ravagers EXTENDED Pack Save 20%

6 unreleased Centaurs + Keshyrii, Centaur heroine

EXCLUSIVE Exalted Despoilers Pack Save 15%:

6 unreleased Centaurs
10 unreleased Skinners
Keshyrii, Centaur heroine

6 unreleased Centaurs
10 unreleased Flesh Eaters
Keshyrii, Centaur heroine

Lead the Lust Elves to victory!
LAST CHANCE! The Fantasy Holy Charge Packs are almost gone, they'll disappear soon... Get theMounted Knights, Sisters Regular and Angels before their release in a few months.
LAST CHANCE ALSO for the Harpy Claws Packs! If you're playing on theDark Elves side, take a look at these limited packs feat. unreleased models likes the Harpies and Asharah On Pegasus. Almost gone, grab them while they last! 
The Daughters Of The Orphanage10 All-Star Pack is finally available! This Pack gets you all 10 fabulous Daughters of the Orphanage, an outstanding set of kick-ass Sisters full of life and attitude that will do you honour on the battlefield! And you will save 37% instead of getting all 10 MINIS individually.

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