Friday, 9 March 2018

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

Another Warhammer Community round-up featuring Games Workshops newest Warhammer 40K boxed set...
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Forgebane Revealed 
Check out Warhammer 40,000's newest boxed set - an epic clash between the Necrons and the Adeptus Mechanicus, featuring new units for both sides and a thrilling new chapter in the lore of the 41st Millennium: 
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Necromunda FAQ
Now Live: The
Necromunda FAQ
Our designers have been hard at work addressing your Necromunda questions, and we're happy to announce a new FAQ, specially designed to make your battles in the underhive run smoother than ever.
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Tactical Toolbox:
Daughters of Khaine 
We asked Warhammer Age of Sigmar expert Chuck to provide his top tips on playing the latest battletome - check them out here:

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Underhive Wars
Necromunda: Underhive Wars 
Choose your gang and battle through the depths of a hive city in this upcoming strategy RPG from the team that brought you Mordheim - check out the first trailer here: 
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Vermintide Returns! 
Ready to slay some Skaven again? Critically acclaimed video game Vermintide is back and better than ever for a sequel – find out what you have to look forward to in our preview: 
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Malign Portents
Dread Solstice
Dread Solstice: Week 4
This week, Dread Solstice takes you to the burning lands of Aqshy. Will you turn the primordial flames to your advantage or be destroyed by them? Make your choice wisely...
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New Story
Your Free Weekly Stories 
There's a host of shadowy short stories from the Mortal Realms to read on the Malign Portents website, absolutely free – check out the latest here:
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T'au Empire
Your guide to the new T'au Empire codex
We've got the inside scoop on your latest codex, with in-depth previews looking at the new rules for the different septs. Check it out here:
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Paint App
Your free guide to painting the Daughters of Khaine
If you've picked up the Daughters of Khaine, make sure to download the Citadel Paint app, now updated with a host of free guides for Morathi's shadowy armies.
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Age of Sigmar
The Daughters of Khaine
go digital 
Download the free Warhammer Age of Sigmar app and check out the latest Daughters of Khaine warscrolls - or download the battletome in convenient digital format. 
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Rumour Engine
This Week's Rumour Engine
We've got a sneak peek at an upcoming release – all you need to do is guess what it is...
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