Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Raging Heroes - Newsletter

Raging Heroes upcoming releases mean that Games Workshops 'Sisters of Battle' release next year is gonna have some major competition already out there...
Finally here they are: Exemplar Sisters
with special Deals Of The Week
Join the Sisterhood with the


(formerly known as our Sisters Regular Troopers)
Want both Troops AND Command Group?
And perhaps Erzebel too?

Check out our Deals of the Week!
Enter the Battle now!

Deals Of The Week
Sisters Sacred Warriors

To celebrate this release, here are 3 great deals for you:

Exemplar Pack Save 15%

10 Exemplar Sisters - Command + Troops

Sacred Warriors Pack Save 19%

10 Exemplar Sisters + Sister Erzebel

Sacred Warriors EXTENDED Pack Save 21%

20 Exemplar Sisters + Sister Erzebel

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