Friday, 9 March 2018

Wreck and Ruin - Kickstarter News

Hopefully they have better luck this time around...nearly at the halfway mark so there's definitely hope...

The kickstarter is now live!

It has been a tough journey through the Wastes for all of us, but I know that you are strong warriors. I have seen you fight, and bleed, for your fellow brothers and sisters - will you follow me into battle once more? We will take no prisoners, we will give no quarter. I will lift my head up high as we cleave our way through any stand in our way, until only we remain. We will stand atop a mountain of burning cardboard, meeples, cards and dice littering the ground. No-one will stand in my way, for I am the wrath of the wasteland and i will not stop until Kickstarter is mine.
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