Thursday, 22 March 2018

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Round-up

Much news from Games Workshop...
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Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
New & Exclusive
Warhammer Community
Games Workshop Studio Preview: AdeptiCon
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Dominate the Battlefield
You thought Imperial Knights were big? Think again. Dominus Class Imperial Knights are second only to Titans – unshakeable in defence, unstoppable in assault, and very soon, yours to command.
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The Next Three Codexes
Three new factions are about to receive new rules, Stratagems and much more. Want to find out what they are? You'll have to read our preview...
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One More thing
Your Most Asked Question - Answered
In the Warhammer Community survey, there was one burning question so many of you asked – and your faith will be rewarded...
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Combat Roster
Army Building
Made Easy
Writing your army lists will be simpler than ever with Combat Roster - an upcoming free tool for Warhammer 40,000!
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From the Depths
they Rise...
The Idoneth Deepkin are revealed! These sinister aelves raid the coasts of the Mortal Realms in search of souls and are armed with both strange magics and terrifying sea beasts. Check them out here: 
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Magic - As You've Never Seen Before
A storm is coming to the Mortal Realms – and not even the very Winds of Magic will escape unchanged. Sounds pretty exciting to us – check out the teaser here:
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Something Wicked This Way Comes
Nagash's great work nears completion, and a dark new force is rising to assist him. Who – or what – could it be? 

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Warhammer TV
Watch the Action Live
We're reporting from the top tables at AdeptiCon – tune in free and check out the very best lists, advanced tactics and in-depth analysis from our experts:
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Warhammer Legends
Legends of the Past Return
Give the classic miniatures in your collection a new lease on life with Warhammer Legends - legacy rules that allow the champions of yore to once again stride into battle. 
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Malign Portents
Dread Solstice
Dread Solstice:
The Final Week! 
This is it – your decisions here will echo throughout the Mortal Realms for all eternity. Don't miss your chance – get stuck in today:   
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New Story
Malign Portents:
The Joy of Battle 
In this latest dark tale, the warriors of Khorne take on the forces of Death - read it for free here:
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