Saturday, 10 March 2018

Sarissa Precision - Newsletter

New terrain pieces from Sarissa Precision...
28mm North Africa Range...
**Did you know that it is only £2.50 postage whatever you order, wherever you live?**


Our 28mm North African / Colonial Range is designed for use in North African Settings, Tobruk and surrounding areas but done in a Colonial Style perfect for gaming tables all over the globe. We have this set available in 20mm Scale HERE and it's coming soon in 15mm Scale - we will keep you posted.
View the whole 28mm range!

WWII: Operation Market Garden

Fight your way across occupied Western Europe using our superb scenery as the backdrop for your engagements.
Buy now Dutch / Belgian Bundle 1
Take the time to browse the Market Garden section on our website as we have plenty to choose from, here are some good examples.
Operation Market Garden

EVENT: Salute 2018, Saturday 14th April

We'll be at Salute 2018 next month and we'll have full pre-order details in the next newsletter.


Below are four buildings that we are currently cutting every day.  We have the Watermill from our Japan range, the Larger Store from our Ghost Town derelict range, the Atomic Gas Station from Retro Americana and the Far East Village set.  It looks like there are an eclectic bunch of games going on out there, good job we have got you covered! 
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Pop over to our Facebook page and tell us what you are currently playing, we might be able to make you something for it...
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