Monday, 19 March 2018

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Welcome to Newsletter 140
We are in the middle of our Nickstarter Pre-order program for our plastic Ghost Archipelago Snake-men. 
Snake-men due out later in MarchNICKSTARTER
Snake-men due out later in March
Oathmark: Battles of the Lost AgeOathmark: Elves In other news, we are getting close to having the Oathmark Elf Infantry ready. Andrew Taylor has done a marvellous job painting up the first sample figures. The Elves will come in the same way as the other Oathmarkfigures, including metal Command figures, Mike Anderson is working on them now.
We are planning to start taking orders early April.
Oathmark: Elves
Lead Adventure Forum
It's not all Nickstarter this time of course; if you look through the newsletter you'll find other fine hobby news and products.
Snake-men due out later in March
Snake-men due out later in March
Snake-men due out later in March
Dracula's America - Hunting Grounds
Photo of The Forsaken Posse (Drac210)
The Forsaken Posse
Photo of The Shadow Dragon Tong Posse  (Drac209)
The Shadow Dragon Tong Posse
Wargames Illustrated
Helion & Company LimitedHelion & Company LimitedHelion & Company Limited
History Books  Wargames Rules
Trent Miniatures
Americans Austrians British Caribbean Equipment French Hompesch Mounted Rifles Hussars Irish Insurgents Irish Militia Lombardy Legion Polish Legion Robert Emmet's Rebellion Russians
Photo of French Sailors I (T-Car24)
French Sailors I
Artizan Designs
Photo of British Motorbike (SWWbritishbike)
British Motorbike

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