Friday, 9 March 2018

Raging Heroes - New Releases

New releases and special offers from Raging Heroes...
Save up to 22% with New Fantasy Sisters EXCLUSIVE LIMITED Packs:
Sisters Regular Troopers + Mounted Knights + Angels

Get your Sisters ready for battle with the

Things are getting serious: our Limited EXCLUSIVE Holy Charge Packs will fill your table with gorgeous unreleased models + great savings:
Sisters Regular Troops, Mounted Knights, and Angels! And if you want the cherry on the cake, add the just-released Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim for an ultimate Angels Army!

Very limited quantities for these 3 packs, first come first served:

EXCLUSIVE Holy Charge Pack Save 19%

10 Sisters Regular FANTASY + 6 Mounted Knights

EXCLUSIVE Holy Charge EXTENDED Pack Save 22%

20 Sisters Regular FANTASY + 6 Mounted Knights

EXCLUSIVE DIVINE Charge Pack Save 22%

10 Sisters Regular FANTASY + 6 Mounted Knights + 10 Angels

NEW! Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphim

Add this just-released centerpiece for the ultimate Angels Army!

Summon the Sisters Holy Charge
Add the just-released Ascended Sister Erzebel, Great Seraphimfor an ultimate Angels Army!

Our mailing address is:
MFBG Productions SARL
8 rue Lemercier
Paris 75017

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