Monday, 12 March 2018

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Some Warhammer Live news from the Black Library...
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Chris Wraight
Chris Wraight at Warhammer World
Best known for his work on the White Scars novels in the Horus Heresy, Chris Wraight has also written a host of Warhammer 40,000 books – notably starring the Space Wolves, as well as ongoing series with the Inquisition and Adeptus Custodes. He is also responsible for many Warhammer Chronicles titles, and wrote the first Warhammer Age of Sigmar novella, The Gates of Azyr.
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Book Signing
Chris Wraight Signing
Warhammer World, Nottingham,
Wednesday 14th March | 5-7pm

Come along to Warhammer World on Wednesday evening for your chance to meet Chris – and get signed copies of the limited edition of his new Primarchs novel, Jaghatai Khan: Warhawk of Chogoris, two weeks early!
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Warhammer Live
Chris on Warhammer TV
Wednesday 14th March | 4-5pm

Coming live from Warhammer World, Chris Wraight will be joining the Warhammer TV presenters to talk about his work – including his brand new White Scars Primarchs novel. Tune in to Twitch to watch, and ask questions.
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